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Mid-August - March    Daily 11pm - 3am
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Children under 6 free

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Many Clients are arriving in Fairbanks a day or two early so that they can participate in local tours on their own. We offer City Tours and Chena Hot Springs Day Trips all summer.  Many are taking our aurora tours that begin Aug. 20th.  These tours offer a chance to see more of the local culture and natural beauty of Alaska.
We have a 7 passenger van for smaller groups that is easier loading for elders and handicapped.  Also, 15 passenger vans for larger groups and can accommodate large groups, using several vans with a guide for no more than 12 clients for a more personalized tour.  Guides are life-long Alaskans and most are Alaska Natives.


The Northern Lights can rarely be view from with in the city limits of Fairbanks and then the colors are not bright as they are washed out by the over-glow of the city lights. It helps to get a good distance from Fairbanks where there is dark sky and a panoramic view of the Northern Sky as that is where you most often see Northern Lights.


Aurora viewing is like hunting animals, in that it is totally unpredictable with no guarantee you will be successful. That is part of the thrill of it, that you were lucky enough to see good Aurora. Most people who really want to see Aurora do not depend on just one night to see it. Forecasts as to the Aurora activity and cloud coverage are not always correct.
DO NOT BE A CLOUD WATCHER. People who pay attention to these forecasts are people who very often do not get to see the Aurora. Weather Forecasts for Fairbanks do not apply to the valley that has its own weather, where Chandalar Ranch is located. More than half the time when it is cloudy in Fairbanks, it will be clear in this valley. Cloud coverage can change hourly and from location to location. If you wait for a totally clear sky you may not see Aurora during your stay. The Aurora forecast given by the Geophysical Institute is on a scale from 1 to 10. This scale is not a total indication of potential to see Aurora, but of solar flare activity that is only one of three variables involved.  Another variable besides weather, that is actually more important, is that Aurora is a halo over the top of the earth that moves down south at night and what time and how far down it moves is TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE.  There can be a high solar flare prediction and Aurora can not be seen in Fairbanks as the halo moves to far south.  There can be a low prediction and good Aurora might be seen. The best Aurora night we had in 2015 was on a night that the prediction was a "1" and there were several nights that the prediction was a "5" and no Aurora was seen.  So, coming to Alaska to see Aurora is not for people who want a guarantee, a natural phenomena can not be guaranteed. It is for those who are willing to take a chance to see one of the world's greatest natural phenomena.

Recommendation from Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau


ALASKA NORTHERN LIGHTS TOUR offers one of the best viewing locations at a comfortable Alaskan Style Lodge.
YOUR HOSTS, Keith and Velma Koontz are the owner operators of CHANDALAR RANCH located 25 miles from Fairbanks. Velma is Yupik Eskimo and Keith is a naturalist and a Master Guide, both add to your experiencing an evening with real Bush Alaskans. The price of the Tour including transportation to and from Fairbanks is $75 which is a comparable price with other local Aurora Tours, plus a Native Culture Show may be given.

As an extra attraction at no extra cost, a Native Culture Show with live Indian Hoop Dancing and a presentation about the many diverse Native Cultures in Alaska may be given. The presentation include videos produced by the presenter Ben Boyd who has a Masters Degree in Cultural Documentation / Video Production from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. These presentations are given at times when Aurora can not be seen to help provide entertainment and information about Alaska when clients would other wise have nothing else to do but set and wait to see Aurora. On nights when the Aurora is visible most of the night the presentations may not be given so as to not interfere with the Aurora viewing.  These are special nights when clients should be given the opportunity to enjoy the Aurora fully while they have a chance.



Chandalar Ranch Lodge is a newly constructed two story Alaska Style Lodge with an auditorium that is two story high with windows clear to the ceiling facing to the Northern Sky. The auditorium can seat 70 people and during the Holidays and March is full most nights. Mid-Sept. to Mid-Dec. is the slow season with few visitors. When the Aurora appears the auditorium mostly empties out as clients go outside to get a better look at the Aurora and take photos. Aurora viewing attracts one of the most diverse International tourist markets in the World with people coming from over the World to see Aurora. The majority coming from Asian Countries and the Domestic Market being the minority. This is just to advise you, as I have had American Tourist who walked into the Aurora Lodge and were quite surprised that it looked like they were in a foreign country. This is the case with all aurora viewing facilities in Alaska.


This is something that visitors to Alaska in the Winter need to be aware of. The vast majority of Car Rental Companies do not put snow tires on their rental cars. They do not want the cost of changing tires every season like residents here do. Local residents would not consider driving around in winter with out snow tires as it is entirely to dangerous, especially driving out of town. It creates a situation here where many visitors have accidents. You can rent SUV s at a higher price that are 4wheel drive which is much better, but they still do not have snow tires on them. They have all-season tires so they do not have to change the tires. Residents of Alaska do not use all-season tires as they are not anywhere as good a studded snow tires. Do not be foolish and be safe and enjoy your stay here in Alaska.


YOUR GUIDE, "Brother to the Wolf" (Ben Boyd) is an Alaska Mountain Man who has lived a Traditional Native Way of Life in the remote Athabascan Indian Villages of Alaska. He made his living hunting, fishing, trapping and his only transportation was a sled dog team. He has been an Indian Hoop Dancer since the age of six and now at over age 70 is the oldest performing Hoop Dancers in the World. He will not only be your Guide for Aurora viewing but may also present a Native Culture Show. Below is a video of the dance that he will perform live for you.

Indian Country Today Media Network Article
about Ben Boyd's Hoop Dance



You can book this tour by sending an email to:  Include the number of people, the dates you want the tour, where you will be staying, name registered under, and a cell phone number if possible.  A confirmation email will be sent back to you. Do not send an email for last minute bookings or cancellations as we only check email once a day.  Send a text message for immediate response.  You do not have to pay for tours when booking but pay cash when you are picked up for the tour.  This way there is no need for refunds for cancellations. Because we do not charge a deposit it is necessary that you reconfirm your tour two days prior to the tour date or your tour will be cancelled. 

We are about the only company that does not have clients pay for tours when booking with no refund for cancellations.  But during March and Holidays (Dec 15 to 31) we are also having to adopt this policy because of the extreme volume of business at that time and the problems cancellations create when there are many clients. In order to book the tour you would have to provide credit card information to pay for the tour when booking.  If you would like the tour please provide the following information by email or fax to: 907-479-2819 or text message to: 907-322-3483 and a receipt for the transaction will be sent to you by email or text message if booking by text.
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